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What is Online Marketing?
October 16, 2020

What is Online Marketing?

What is Online Marketing?

When it comes to online marketing, you may not have a systematic concept. This is not surprising, because the scope of online marketing is very extensive. At the same time, marketing methods are different, and different companies may adopt different network methods. Marketing. In fact, in the final analysis, the essence of network marketing is marketing. Different from traditional marketing, network marketing uses network platforms to conduct marketing through a series of network technologies. After all, network marketing has to rely on offline marketing. Then the editor will show you what is online marketing in popular science.

What does Internet Marketing Mean?

Definition of Online Marketing 

Internet Marketing Internet marketing is the planning, implementation, and operation management activities that connect enterprises, users, and the public based on the Internet and social network, deliver valuable information and services to users and realize customer value and enterprise marketing goals. “It is an essential part of a business overall marketing strategy. It is carried out to achieve the overall business objectives of the enterprise. It uses the Internet as the basic means to create an online business environment. Internet marketing is not Internet sales and has a certain degree of Internet promotion. There are many ways of online marketing, such as search engine marketing, search engine optimization, WeChat and Weibo marketing, email marketing, live video, and so on.

There are two kinds of Terms of Network Marketing:

Broad definition: network marketing refers to the marketing activities carried out by enterprises using the Internet (all networks including all intranets or extranets, PC networks, mobile Internet, etc.) are called network marketing.

Narrow definition: As long as it is a marketing method based on the Internet (Internetwork), an activity to achieve a certain marketing purpose is called network marketing.

What is Online Marketing?

Internet Marketing Does not Exist Alone.

Businesses do marketing strategy. Internet marketing is an important part. However, Internet marketing cannot be separated from the general marketing environment! In many cases, network marketing is a marketing method that combines traditional offline marketing methods with the Internet in the Internet era. It is a product of the Internet era. Its development and application cannot be separated from the Internet.

Internet Marketing is not Online Sales.

Internet marketing is indeed an activity to achieve product sales or to enhance brand image, but it focuses on a kind of camp activity, not a purpose. Online sales are the result of the development of Internet marketing to a certain stage. One, but online sales are not the only result, so the two are not equal.

Network Marketing is not E-commerce.

Network marketing and e-commerce are very easy to confuse. The two have a strong connection but there are obvious differences in concept. E-commerce refers to the entire process of electronic transactions. Network marketing is a part of it, not a whole electronic transaction process. Therefore, network marketing is often used in e-commerce, but when using network marketing, e-commerce knows that it is one of its services. The relationship between the two is not equal or inclusive. Network marketing is an item of e-commerce. An important link, e-commerce is one of the services of network marketing.

Common Methods of Online Marketing are as Follows:

1. Search engine optimization (SEO) is currently one of the most widely used online marketing methods, and it is also one of the most effective methods. Through search engine optimization, It can make the website’s target keywords and important long-tail words rank in the forefront of search engines, bringing considerable benefits to the website.

2. Search engine marketing (SEM) allows users to search for relevant keywords by opening search engine bidding, and click on the keyword creative link on the search engine to enter the website/webpage to learn more about the information he needs, and then dial the customer service number on the website, Communicate with online customer service or directly submit the form on the page to achieve your marketing purposes.

3. Viral marketing The most typical example of viral marketing is email marketing. This marketing method can quickly deliver information to the mailboxes of tens of thousands of accounts. Of course, the current mailboxes have a spam filtering mechanism. The method is improper and the effect will below. Very bad. However, good content will still be accepted and loved by users, thus bringing good benefits to the website.

4. The good reputation brought by Weibo marketing through Weibo marketing cannot be underestimated. The general microblog marketing methods include broadcasting lottery, broadcasting gifts, and so on.

5. WeChat marketing is an innovation of corporate marketing models in the era of the network economy, and a network marketing method that has emerged with the enthusiasm of WeChat. There is no limitation of distance on WeChat. After a user registers on WeChat, he can form a connection with the same registered “friends” around him. The user subscribes to the information he needs, and the merchant promotes his products by providing the information that the user needs, thereby achieving peer-to-peer The more prominent ones are experiential micro-marketing. H5 animations such as Xue Zhiqian in WeChat Moments in 2016 are all very good marketing methods.

6. Information Publishing Information websites are still a very important channel for netizens to obtain information. Therefore, marketing techniques for information publishing are widely used in various industries. Information release can bring enough exposure to the website. As long as the coverage of the information released is large enough, the brand benefits brought by it are very large. We can post on forums, informational websites, and release news on the market. They are all very effective channels.

7. Online advertising has been very popular since the very beginning of the Internet, and it is still one of the preferred marketing methods for major websites. Its advantage is that it has a wide target audience and can effectively enhance brand awareness. For example, in Lahore, Pro Digital Era is a professional online marketing and advertising company with a professional team and first-class service.

8. Webcast marketing Webcast video refers to the fact that people can directly watch the live audio and video live at the remote end through the network, such as conferences, training, events, games, life, etc. The core idea of ​​live online video is to use Internet high-speed transmission technology to realize real-time transmission of audio and video signals and to enable people in remote places to watch smoothly in real-time through the Internet.

Because the Internet has many advantages such as the intuitive, fast, good form of expression, rich content, strong interactivity, unrestricted region, and dividable audience, it has strengthened the promotion effect of business advertising. At the same time, after the live broadcast is completed, readers can continue to provide rebroadcasts and on-demand broadcasts at any time, which effectively extends the time and space of the live broadcast and maximizes the value of the live broadcast content. Based on the above advantages, live online video marketing has gradually become the most important marketing model for merchants’ online marketing.

9. Blog Marketing is a marketing activity that contacts blog authors and viewers through blog websites or blog forums and uses the blog authors’ knowledge, interests, and life experience to spread product information.

Where are the Advantages of Online Marketing?

1. The Internet allows users to familiarize themselves with any of your company stocks earlier and refers to leading users to understand products, which is favorable to the company’s future competing advantage, thus keeping a part of the consumer market.

2. Because Internet browsing is not restricted by time and place, it can make consumption decision-making more convenient and autonomous. Consumers are completely self-directed and only need to manipulate the mouse. This flexibility, fast and convenient, is a shopping mall incomparable.

3. The cost of publishing information on the Internet is limited. Selling products directly to consumers can shorten the distribution process. Anyone can freely obtain the information released, which is beneficial for enterprises to obtain cost advantages. Can broaden the scope of marketing, so that you can save the cost of the salesman blindly running outside. Thereby reducing costs and making products price-competitive. Most of the people who came to visit were customers who were interested in such products. The audience was accurate, which avoided a lot of useless information transmission and saved costs.

4. It is conducive to enterprises to provide better services. The one-to-one service of online marketing, however, leaves more room for customers to consider. Online service can be a 24-hour service, and it is faster. This provides fast service and also reduces service costs.

5. Internet marketing shortens the process of media delivery. Advertisers generally go through three stages to market promotion in traditional media: market development period, market consolidation period, and market maintenance period. In these three stages, companies must first gain attention and create brand awareness; after consumers obtain preliminary information about the brand, they promote more detailed product information. Then establish a stronger connection with consumers to build brand loyalty. The Internet combines these three stages into one advertisement: consumers see online marketing, click to obtain detailed information, fill in user information or directly participate in advertisers’ marketing activities or even directly implement online purchases.

In the era of the rapid development of the Internet, network marketing occupies an important position. If companies do not pay attention to and make good use of the Internet and do not start to do network marketing, what is missed is not an opportunity, but an era.


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